Happy Slip?

I’m watching this woman online at her site happyslip.com.  She’s hilarious.  And it probably help that she’s filipina-american since I can actually relate to some of her experiences.  Check it out!

Thanks for the link, Mish!

Flattered or Flustered?

If someone you know calls you “MALUHO” or extravagant, would you be happy or offended?

Me? I was really, really offended. I never saw myself as extravagant or according to dictionary.com, spending much more than is necessary or wise; wasteful. Maybe when I was still single, yes. I did have a lot of spending money then. (looking back now, I should have put some aside for savings, heehee)

But now, I definitely am not.  The only extravagance that I consider indulging in now is the load I buy for my cellphone, movie dates that the husband and I have every after payday, eating out once a week, usually every sunday and my bi-weekly pedicures.

I just hate it when someone judges me.  I guess that person doesn’t know me at all.

Cartoonize Me!

Simpsonized Aiza
(sayang, simpsonizeme.com doesn’t work)


South Park Aiza

Cuteness rules!!

The Good Thing About Wakes

My sister just sent me pictures of us cousins and my uncles, aunts and nephews when we were there at my grandfather’s wake. Although the occasion called for us to bereave, we looked like we were having a ball! Forgive us since it was the first time in a long time that we saw family we were really very close to. Check out the pictures uploaded in this album.

Wakes do bring family and friends together but I just hope that the next time we all see each other won’t be in another deceased relative’s wake.