New Work, Elise 14 month update

I’m now sitting here in the open work area in my new office. Yes, still in the IT department, still a programmer.

Elise can walk now, just before her 14 month birthday.  She’s like a walking zombie with her arms out when she toddles.  She enjoys walking now, rarely asking to be carried na (unless if it were me or Pau)  And she’s so madaldal. Check out her videos in my videos page.

I miss my daughter more when I’m at work.  At least, this time, I save around 10-15 mins of travel time so that I can be with her more.


Most Hated Part of the Day…

…at morning, when I need to leave for work and the daughter cries out to me to come back.  It just breaks my heart every time.

Gloomy Me

I’m sitting here in the cold of the IT room, listening to the clickety-click of keyboards and the occasional hushed chats of people around me. All I can think of is my little girl and wonder how she is and what she’s doing. I’ve been reinstated into the corporate world for 3 weeks now and I still miss her badly when I’m at work. (and my husband too, of course)

The only solace I get is the thought that I’ll be reunited with my family a few hours from now and that helps me carry on. Can’t wait to be home…soon