New Work, Elise 14 month update

I’m now sitting here in the open work area in my new office. Yes, still in the IT department, still a programmer.

Elise can walk now, just before her 14 month birthday.  She’s like a walking zombie with her arms out when she toddles.  She enjoys walking now, rarely asking to be carried na (unless if it were me or Pau)  And she’s so madaldal. Check out her videos in my videos page.

I miss my daughter more when I’m at work.  At least, this time, I save around 10-15 mins of travel time so that I can be with her more.


Walk like a man….talk like a man….

The daughter walked 4 steps yesterday before falling on her butt! Goooo, elise!! A few days (and practices) more and we’ll be chasing her around like crazy. Can’t wait!!

She also did a show over skype video to my parents today. Elise clapped her hands and danced to the “Makulay ang Buhay” Knorr commercial video. Its her favorite commercial same as Kim Chiu’s “Kering-keri”. The grandparents were thrilled! Its great that we enjoy this kind of technology these days. Too bad, nothing still beats the feel of being able to hug your grandchild afterwards. Don’t worry mom and dad, we’ll be able to embrace your
solamente nieta soon.