High Five!

Elise’s milestones before she reached her 5th month:
1. She can clasp her hands together.
2. Bear weight on legs. Loves to be kept on standing position.
3. Can roll over….and over….and over…then tires herself out….zzzz
4. Had her first post natal tooth, lower left incisor
5. She’s very much amused with her feet.
6. Mouths everything!! (except for her teether and pacifier which she truly hates)
7. Can arch her back, during tummy time, for long periods of time.

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I’m Sick

I’ve got the cough and colds and I can’t sleep well at night. I hope my baby isn’t affected. Oh, I forgot to post about it…I’m expecting! Yey! 😀 I’m going to be a mom soon! (or at least not until July) Paulo and I found out about it 1 month ago, today. We were ecstatic! Since then, we’re obsessed about baby stuff…baby clothes, shoes, trolleys..the works. We’re always at the baby section of the department store and we’re so excited to be parents.

For now, I’m on house arrest (since monday). I’m trying so hard to recuperate. Please pray that my baby is okay and I get well soon.