A Reluctant Party Animal

Last Tuesday, I was able to attend our company’s christmas party.  Its actually the first ‘bongga’ party that I’ve been to since I got married and gave birth.  Held at a 5-star hotel in makati, buffet dinner and an open bar (woohoo).  I really had fun.  Too much fun, actually, that I felt really, really guilty afterwards.  How so?  First, I ate like a horse.  Then, had too many tequila shots, almost as many as the ones drank by the people at my table added together.  I danced like there was no tomorrow.  In other words, I partied like the party animal I used to be.  Well, at least I did practice a bit of constraint by not dancing with men mano y mano, ika nga, puro group dance lang ang lola, even if there were a couple of invites here and there.

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