Happy Nanay’s Day!

Mother’s Day is drawing near and its the first time i’m celebrating it with Elise out of my belly. I’ve been reading a lot of articles regarding motherhood and taking care of a baby and its been a real adventure, so far. I’ve been hooked on babycenter.com and they’ve been giving me great tips and tricks on being a good mom ever since I was 3 months pregnant.

Today, they sent me an article entitled “Mommy, Mami, Mutter: Motherhood around the world” and different babycenter.com editors around the world were given a short questionnaire to answer. Here’s my own response:

Aiza Tancinco-Bautista
Software Developer, Racketeer
Home: Quezon City, Philippines
Child: Elise Gabrielle (Eg), 11.5 months
What I like best about being a mom: Just like what one of my favorite song says: “…everyday’s a new day, everytime I love you.” Having a child changed me. Everything she does never fails to amaze me everyday and all the things I learn about her and myself. She brings so much joy in our family that we can’t wait to see how she grows up and who she turns out to be like.
What I like least about being a mom: There are times when I would like to take a short nap but its like my baby’s batteries are still fully charged. She just keeps going…and going…and going….
What I’d like for Mother’s Day: Hear her call me Mommy or Mama and spend the whole day together as a family.



And its true what they say:
1. You can never fully appreciate your mom, unless you become one.
2. We can never comprehend where we get the stamina to play with our child even after an exhausting day from work.
3. And you thought your love for your spouse is greater? Wait ’til you have a child.
4. Having kids can make you smarter. (see my past post http://aizadgreat.multiply.com/journal/item/36)
5. And last, you know you’re a mother when you stop criticizing the way your mother raised you. (ahahaha!!)

So to all the mothers out there, especially my mom who’s so far away (I miss you, ma!)