Father and Child

Hiya, Daddy!

Is that your regular face, Dad?


(click to see bigger pic)


Happy one month old birthday to my daughter, Elise Gabrielle!! This day also marks the first day that her daddy was able to hold her. And tomorrow, we’ll be able to bring her home, at long last!!


The Home Stretch

For 28 excruciating days now, we’ve struggled with Elise’s condition and went through an emotional, physical and spiritual roller-coaster ride. At long last, we’re on the home stretch. Her doctor said that we can finally take her home with us the day after she’s finished with her antibiotics. That glorious day is on Tuesday, June 27 – 31 days after she was born. She’s now 4 lbs and 4 oz heavy, with chubby cheeks and very big eyes. Elise already has a tooth growing. The nurses in the neonatal intensive care (NICU) said that it was already present at birth. She’s also starting to smile, something I was able to catch on video.

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