Gloomy Me

I’m sitting here in the cold of the IT room, listening to the clickety-click of keyboards and the occasional hushed chats of people around me. All I can think of is my little girl and wonder how she is and what she’s doing. I’ve been reinstated into the corporate world for 3 weeks now and I still miss her badly when I’m at work. (and my husband too, of course)

The only solace I get is the thought that I’ll be reunited with my family a few hours from now and that helps me carry on. Can’t wait to be home…soon



Guess what? Finally, Elise was able to sleep for a stretch of 10 hours last night!! (Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah, yeah!) *mommy dancing* Another milestone for my little one!

We had our monthly check up last saturday and it was quite a surprise when we arrived at the doctors office and there’s no line in the waiting room. She’s now 6.7Kgs heavy and 63 cm long. Quite short for her age but average in weight nevertheless. Although there were babies in the clinic waiting with us who are taller and bigger, she still stands out because of her loud baby talk and giggles. Elise is a very healthy and happy baby, according to her pedia. She just made a booboo by pupu-in during her checkup.

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High Five!

Elise’s milestones before she reached her 5th month:
1. She can clasp her hands together.
2. Bear weight on legs. Loves to be kept on standing position.
3. Can roll over….and over….and over…then tires herself out….zzzz
4. Had her first post natal tooth, lower left incisor
5. She’s very much amused with her feet.
6. Mouths everything!! (except for her teether and pacifier which she truly hates)
7. Can arch her back, during tummy time, for long periods of time.

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Things to Thank God For

  1. That our little girl was able to sleep through the night the first time last October 7, saturday. She slept for 6 hours straight! Yahoo!
  2. That Elise is such a good girl, giving us so much happiness with her be-dimpled smiles, her hearty laugh and cute baby talk. She almost never throws tantrums and is always quiet during church service.
  3. Continually supplying us with good health, despite the sleep deprivation, stress and distress so that we can take good care of our little girl.
  4. Giving us financial support even though we don’t have any source of income.
  5. Having means to capture and store precious moments like pictures and journals and to be able to share it with love ones