Sweet and Sour

My sweet little girl is starting to raise her head up for longer periods now. She reminds me of those bobble head toys, nodding and boucing her head during her attempts to keep her neck upright. But still Elise still can’t sit on her own, just even for a while. She’s like the leaning tower of pisa when I try to sit her up, sooo adorable! Sobrang nakakagigil! How I wish I had that bumbo seat I saw online so I can let her sit up longer than the few minutes I can offer when I hold her.

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5 Hours and Counting

Elise slept for a record breaking 5 hours last sunday. Hooray! Maybe we’ll just wait a few weeks or maybe a few days more and she’ll be able to sleep through the night. Happiness! 🙂

She’s now 3 months and almost 4 weeks old, (September has 5 weeks, by the way) and already is a full-fledged saliva factory. Elise chews on her hand to soothe her swollen gums. I’m not sure if the swelling is caused by her current tooth (which is about to fall off) or if its because she’s started teething. What’s concerns me most is that her saliva is causing her to break out into rashes. Some online articles say its common but still it worries me. At least I was able to discover another good use for her mittens. She is now able wipe off the drool by herself when she suddenly decides to eat her hand.

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Happiness Is…

…one prayer answered. Last wednesday, we went to see Elise’s doctor for her monthly checkup. Much to my surprise, she already weighs 5.2 kgs as compared to her 3.8 kgs last month. No wonder my lower back started aching lately because of her abrupt weight gain. The doctor also told us to forget that she was premature since Elise already caught up with the average weight and height of infants her age. We remember how small and fragile she was when I gave birth to her and now, no one would even know that she was like that then, just by looking at her.
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