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Thank God for Rain!!

I’ve already refuse listening to radio and watching on TV about the rants of how the dry spells are affecting everything from the rise of electricity to cloud seeding to global warming. Its just pathetic how they’re making everybody panic over these while this is the PERFECT TIME to inform people of what they should be doing instead. (i just hope some advertising peeps get to read this…) From saving electricity to planting their own household plants or segregating garbage, which could actually lessen the effects of global warming.

I’ve been reading for quite a while. Although the author may be a bit shallow at times (but a funny, entertaining shallow way), her recent post about the draught made me want to post about it too. And here’s her comment, also thanking God for the rain:

“This is a true sign that prayers deliver miracles, what more if a whole nation prays.

Thank God prayer is free, because in the Philippines it’s one of the few things we can still do even if we’re broke.”

Amen. Thanks Cecile. 😀

New Work, Elise 14 month update

I’m now sitting here in the open work area in my new office. Yes, still in the IT department, still a programmer.

Elise can walk now, just before her 14 month birthday.  She’s like a walking zombie with her arms out when she toddles.  She enjoys walking now, rarely asking to be carried na (unless if it were me or Pau)  And she’s so madaldal. Check out her videos in my videos page.

I miss my daughter more when I’m at work.  At least, this time, I save around 10-15 mins of travel time so that I can be with her more.

Major Insecurity

(Warning, major shallow rantings ahead!)

I just had this chat with one of my oldest and dearest friends (who recently got married. congratulations, OZ). And because of this really ugly dream that I had last night, I suddenly find myself insecure of my body. I tell you honestly though, I was rarely insecure of my physical appearance. Well, except for the fact that I was a whole lotta insecure back in high school when I was lanky with kinky hair, really thick glasses, braces and those disproportionate gums. But that’s another story.
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