AizaDGreat, who?

Why Aizadgreat? Well, she feels great most of the time, all cheerful, uppity and giddy. Also is extremely grateful of her life and her family which she owes to the Great Guy up there.


  • Married to Pau
  • We have the most adorable little girl we fondly call Egg (short for Elise Gabrielle)
  • Eldest of three with 1 sister and 1 brother
  • Close to both parents
  • Misses going out with siblings badly
  • Misses her parents, too

—General Information—

  • Loves her long wavy/curly hair…
  • …although sometimes she fights the urge to chop it all off when weather is really warm.
  • Best superhero power – teleportation
  • Reading, writing, singing and playing the guitar are some of her stress busters.
  • Goooo T9 texting!
  • A digital scrapbooking novice.
  • Loves to write and read.
  • Wishes to be 20 lbs. thinner
  • Used to play and sing in her old church’s p&w band, that’s where she and the hubby met.
  • Believes she has musical talent-can play the piano, guitar, bass guitar and can sing, although all in mediocrity.
  • Studied ballet, ballroom dancing and hip hop.
  • Fast reader and fast typer.
  • Can play badminton, bowling, table tennis also in mediocrity, but can swim well
  • Hypertensive after giving birth
  • High Myopic, thin retina, head impact can cause her blindness (egad!)


  • Currently working as a corporate slave/software slash applications developer.
  • Would like to be a Work-At-Home-Mom (WAHM) someday.
  • Freelance designing and writing for various publications and sites.


  • Masipag na cook, likes to try out new recipes.
  • Eats bacon and dilis with sugar.
  • Medium rare tenderloin steak, please.
  • Crabs and oysters are the best seafood
  • Prefers Pepsi than Coke
  • Is an A&W Cream Soda evangelist.
  • Can eat adobo everyday.
  • Champorado and tuyo.
  • Loves veggies but it has to be with fish, seafood, poultry or meat
  • Always engages in food trips with the hubby
  • Coffee with lotsa sugar and milk


  • Prefers the beach than the swimming pool.
  • Dreams of watching the NBA games, Wimbledon and the Winter games live.

—My Past—

  • Was born in Manila but grew up in Meycauayan, Bulacan. (true blue Bulakenya, babee!)
  • Used to wear braces
  • Wear really thick glasses (-7.50 both eyes)
  • Was 85 lbs skinny in late gradeschool and early highschool.

—Future Plans—

  • Wants to have a Phd and teach in the future.
  • Likes to travel the world
  • Would like to own the VW New Beetle and a BMW X5, someday
  • Lasiks?
  • Nice condo near the sea with a view of the sunset
  • Learn to surf and play golf

Anything else you’d like to add? Feel free to let me know. 😀


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