Major Insecurity

(Warning, major shallow rantings ahead!)

I just had this chat with one of my oldest and dearest friends (who recently got married. congratulations, OZ). And because of this really ugly dream that I had last night, I suddenly find myself insecure of my body. I tell you honestly though, I was rarely insecure of my physical appearance. Well, except for the fact that I was a whole lotta insecure back in high school when I was lanky with kinky hair, really thick glasses, braces and those disproportionate gums. But that’s another story.

Anyway, since I gained tons of weight after I gave birth a year ago, I can’t seem to do anything to shave off the extra pounds. The semi-vegan diet, nor doing the laundry weekly or the household chores did not help at all. But it must count that I was dancing and taking up aerobics before to keep fit but now, no physical activity except for those mentioned above and other privy things. *wink, wink*

So, the question of the day is should I go and enroll in another dance/aerobics class or not? Here’s my analysis:

Pros of Enrolling:
– keep my body, especially my hypertensive heart, healthy
– it’ll help me shave off those excessive baggage and keep it off
– boost my confidence

Cons of Enrolling:
– Additional cost
– it’ll shave off valuable time with family since i’m already 12 hours (or more) away from them during weekdays

I’m torn.

But here’s what my friend had to say:
[11:45] O.Z.: My dear friend, your sexiest asset (but I’m not saying that you lack in the others) has always been your mind.

Aww, thanks! I wish I had your optimism, friend. I’ll try to keep that in mind always.


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