Flattered or Flustered?

If someone you know calls you “MALUHO” or extravagant, would you be happy or offended?

Me? I was really, really offended. I never saw myself as extravagant or according to dictionary.com, spending much more than is necessary or wise; wasteful. Maybe when I was still single, yes. I did have a lot of spending money then. (looking back now, I should have put some aside for savings, heehee)

But now, I definitely am not.  The only extravagance that I consider indulging in now is the load I buy for my cellphone, movie dates that the husband and I have every after payday, eating out once a week, usually every sunday and my bi-weekly pedicures.

I just hate it when someone judges me.  I guess that person doesn’t know me at all.


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