An Ode To Renato Eraña Tancinco, Sr.

The patriarch of my paternal family passed away last saturday, on the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year after the millenium.

He was one of the greatest minds during his time: an inventor, entrepreneur and a human calculator. Also a music virtuoso in his own right. He fiddles with the violin well and plays music by ear on the piano. He’s got a huge cd collection to show his love for the classics, big band jazz and some contemporary music.

He took up two engineering courses, electrical and mechanical and built a sucessful family business to market his inventions and designs. It was unfortunate that after a few years, the business had to close due to family disputes and economic problems.

I fondly remember his hunt for the perfect omelette and his love for family. He would go great lengths to invite family for dinner or take us out to a fancy brunch buffet, us and his whole brood. Never complaining about the cost. He taught me how to drink coffee, shared our passion for music, electronics and ice cream. Though, I wasn’t his favorite apo, I would glow in happiness whenever he would call me and ask me about school or work. He will even give me mathematical or general physics pop quizzes since I was the only one in my generation who followed his academic footsteps, even if it means I would have to read up just before a family gathering would take place. He also help me loads in finishing my thesis prototype by designing its electrical wiring and giving me tools and guidelines to make it work.

Its just makes me sad that he had to pass away without meeting Elise, his 6th great-grandchild, due to animosity between my dad and aunt (dad’s sister) with whom my lolo lives with. But I will never forget to fondly tell her stories of her great grandfather and brag of having a genius ancestor who was her mommy’s inspiration, both musically and academically.


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