Milestones @ 10 months

Elise just turned 10 months old today. She’s turning out to be a big, silly, happy (bungisngis) baby. Have yet to go to the pedia to check out her current weight.

At 10 months she reached the following milestones:
– two upper front teeth growing out
– can self feed herself using pincer grasp (thumb and forefinger)
– eats solids – rice and any soft viand (actually eats anything!!)
– can finish 6 oz of milk in one feeding (or 4 oz after meals)
– pulls herself up with support
– can walk with support (either on walker or mommy holding elise’s hands = aching back)
– babbles mama, dada, and tons of syllables
– waves bye-bye

I miss my little girl (and husband) badly. Weekends are just not enough.


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