P.W.I.T. (http://pwit.org/)

Funny name for a very informative site. Penned by an “army” (that’s what they call themselves) of people from my former industry, mostly whom I’ve already worked with. And yes, believe me, they are the authorities in their respective fields. A must read for every pinoy techie.

I’ve been out of the tech (and gaming) loop for so long, its hard to believe it was a former lifestyle. Reading from this site reminds me of how carefree and oblivious of the real world I was then. I had a passion and such curiosity for new technology and other frivolous things, leading me to neglect what’s practical and relevant. (Saving money, you ignoramus you) Its just sad that it’s only now that the reality hit me, ownership of new technology is only for people who can afford it.

I still believe I’m a techie at heart, regardless of how old my laptop is or how mid-ranged my mobile phone is or how its been years since I bought myself a new gadget/toy to tinker with. Heck, I can’t even afford to get a new PDA-phone, my gadget of choice, (R.I.P to my 2 year old O2 mini) or a replacement for my dying 3 year old Ixus i. And if, by any chance, am able to purchase, I would feel tons guilty since I do have a family that financially depends on me. Oh, woe is me!

Well, I guess its time to move on and embrace my life as a working mom. Maybe, just maybe, soon, I’ll be able to reward myself with a shiny new gizmo. But for now, I’ll just have to skip on buying, continue with the salivating and just keep myself informed. Off to read I go.


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