Grabbed from Mano Gabot’s Site

I love answering these types of questionnaires, that is, if I have the time.  Now I do! (server computer still down) Yehe-hey! Thanks, Mano!

01. What is your favorite word?
Patience. I need tons of that.

02. What is your least favorite word?
Lying. I can’t stand being lied at.

03. What is your favorite curse word?
Putaragis. Sounds like my ma.

04. What would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
“Welcome home.”

05. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
A singer or a photographer. LOL!

06. What profession would you not like to do?
Janitress, probably, no patience cleaning other people’s crap.

07. What turns you on creatively, spiritually, emotionally?
Music, good christian music.

08. What turns you off?
Lies. It hurts, and it destroys trust.

09. What sound or noise do you love?
My baby’s giggles.

10. What sound or noise do you hate?
Nails on a blackboard, eeek.


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