A New Phase in our Married Life….grumble, grumble

Unknown to most of the people I know, its been a month and almost 2 weeks since Pau and I decided to move out of grandma’s house. What an emotional roller coaster ride, I tell you. I’ve got so many complaints but at the same time its much better than living with relatives.[see errata below] It may be true that I enjoy the comfort of having household help, but doing things yourself gives me some kind of natural high.

I keep on telling myself I can be better in terms of budgeting money and time, cooking, cleaning, taking care of both my husband and Elise and at the same time never forgetting to have some ME time too. It really is a circus. But a fun one, nevertheless.

There’s just so much room for improvement in our lives, in our new home and the thought of working on it one by one with my family excites me the most. I just continue to pray that my husband takes the lead and/or the initiative sometimes. Its really quite tiring to be thinking of so many things all at once. I know I can do it, but if I continue to force myself to do a lot of things, I’ll be burned out before I know it. Like what they say, so many things to do…so little time.

I thank God for all the blessings and the stuff we received from relatives. The apartment hardly looked new because of all the appliances, furniture and fixtures we have, most of which were given. I still hope that things get better after everything we’ve been through.

[errata] “I can’t imagine myself living with another relative ever again” >> this was what I originally posted and found out that my relatives were enraged about it. Sorry about this, wrong choice of words. I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful but its hard enough to be adjusting with married life without the scrutinies and discouraging words coming from relatives whom you live with. My grandmother is a good woman and I’m utterly and eternally grateful for letting us live with her for a year without shelling out a cent for expenses. But since we were living in her house, she did have the right to voice out her mind to the point of being hurtful most of the time. She wasn’t really known for her tactfulness. I always believed she meant well but just like what my other uncle said, its better if we live somewhere else than cause her a lot of heartaches.


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