If the one you love failed you so many times, how many chances should you give him? This is a question that’s been bugging me for months now. Just like what my dad would always say, “You can bring the horse to the river but its up to the horse to drink from it”. I’d like to think that in this scenario i’m the one handling that horse. But what do you do if he doesn’t do his part?

I always tell everybody I’m not a martyr, that I want to live a fulfilling life and give the best life for my little girl. That all these hardships I’m experiencing are just trials, they are just means to my end goal and it’ll all come to pass. But if everybody says otherwise, would you believe them?

Now, I’m giving that loved one this last chance. The chance to prove that he does love his family more than he loves himself, that he is willing to change and this time its for good. I also wouldn’t want him pulling us down because of his reckless and carefree ways. I just hope he doesn’t fail me this time.


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