Budget smudget

When I accepted the job offer from my current employer, I said to myself I’m sure I would be better in handling money this time around since my pay is bigger and is more than enough for the three of us (well, that’s considering we’re living with my grandma). Man, was I ever so wrong! Its been 2 months and we’re still deficit spending. (and we’re still in the red)

I’ve been logging all our expenses and it seems like we’ve been over indulgent in eating out. Its Jolibee’s fault. I’m blaming him and his tasty chickenjoy. Grr. Now some wiseguy entrepreneur had a branch constructed a few meters away from our house, like that’s much of a help.

Now, i’m feeling morose as I do an accounting of all our upcoming expenses. I pray that we’ll make it to through the next payday without having to borrow from anyone anymore.


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