Guess what? Finally, Elise was able to sleep for a stretch of 10 hours last night!! (Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah, yeah!) *mommy dancing* Another milestone for my little one!

We had our monthly check up last saturday and it was quite a surprise when we arrived at the doctors office and there’s no line in the waiting room. She’s now 6.7Kgs heavy and 63 cm long. Quite short for her age but average in weight nevertheless. Although there were babies in the clinic waiting with us who are taller and bigger, she still stands out because of her loud baby talk and giggles. Elise is a very healthy and happy baby, according to her pedia. She just made a booboo by pupu-in during her checkup.

We also love to dress her up now. Thanks to my cousin and Pau’s aunts who gave our little girl 2nd hand and unused new clothes that are oh so cute and pretty. Our favorite of all is her Barbie 2 piece yellow bikini and her Guess terno. I’ll post pictures soon. She looks like a yellow longganisa (sausage) in that bathing suit…cuteness!

I’m just happy that my baby’s happy. It gives me the drive to endure those long daily commute from our house (or my grandma’s house, that is) to work. Not to mention that I have a doting husband who takes care of us both. I love my family.


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