Sweet and Sour

My sweet little girl is starting to raise her head up for longer periods now. She reminds me of those bobble head toys, nodding and boucing her head during her attempts to keep her neck upright. But still Elise still can’t sit on her own, just even for a while. She’s like the leaning tower of pisa when I try to sit her up, sooo adorable! Sobrang nakakagigil! How I wish I had that bumbo seat I saw online so I can let her sit up longer than the few minutes I can offer when I hold her.

She’s getting really heavy na and I can’t carry her for more than 30 mins at a time since my back is also starting to hurt. Other than that I’m now doubting if we bought the right sleeping furniture too. My mom gave money and ordered me to buy her a playpen instead of a crib. The good thing about a playpen is that we get to fold it up and bring it to different parts of the house. I wouldn’t also have to worry about hitting her head on the wooden slats. The bad thing is that its really bad for the back, especially when I pick her up or put her down to sleep. Unlike a crib where you can actually adjust the height of her bed.

The only part I dislike about my 4 month old now is her excessive drooling. Although mittens keep her face dry most of the time, it smells terribly sour when her dribble dries up on it. What an awful smell! (second to her poop, which reeks rather horrendously)

Online articles say that she’s ready for solids. We’ll just ask her pedia when we go for a visit next week. She’ll be given her shots and we’ll have her ear pierced, hurray!! Maybe then, when she’s got earrings, hopefully, people won’t mistake her for a boy anymore. I always get this from people – “ay girl pala siya, mukha siyang boy” or “uuuy what a cute baby boy!” and I would answer, “hindi po boy, girl po.” Hmp. Its not our fault her hair is so short that it looks like it was cut military style. Maybe its time I buy her those cute and colorful headbands so when I dress her up, even in blue, she’ll still look feminine. At least, people still say she is cute and I believe so too. Hahaha, so much for that motherly tendentiousness.


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