5 Hours and Counting

Elise slept for a record breaking 5 hours last sunday. Hooray! Maybe we’ll just wait a few weeks or maybe a few days more and she’ll be able to sleep through the night. Happiness! 🙂

She’s now 3 months and almost 4 weeks old, (September has 5 weeks, by the way) and already is a full-fledged saliva factory. Elise chews on her hand to soothe her swollen gums. I’m not sure if the swelling is caused by her current tooth (which is about to fall off) or if its because she’s started teething. What’s concerns me most is that her saliva is causing her to break out into rashes. Some online articles say its common but still it worries me. At least I was able to discover another good use for her mittens. She is now able wipe off the drool by herself when she suddenly decides to eat her hand.

I’m also sad that she hates using cloth diapers. We even got the ones with velcros so its easier to place and remove. But when she does use it, she gets all fidgety and fussy. She also refuses to sleep because she just pees so much that I’d have to change her every 30 mins or even less. So I’ll have to result to expensive disposables.  😦  Maybe I’ll just try again when she’s a few months older.

Here are some effective baby tips I was able to learn from all over and are rare to find online, I hope the mothers who reads will find these useful:
1. Trickle drops of vitamins under the baby’s tongue. It lessens the chance of gagging since it’ll combine with her saliva to make it less goopy. (source: Elise’s Pedia)
2. Give her vitamins before she takes a bath in the morning so you can wash off all stickiness afterwards. (source: Pau’s Mom)
3. Mittens – see above  😉
4. Use moistened cotton to clean baby’s face. Don’t use soap or a washcloth because it’ll dry her sensitive skin or may cause rashes.
5. Do infant massage before you put soap during bathtime. Infants thrive on touch and the contact helps you bond with your baby more. (source: Elise’s Pedia)
6. If she refuses to drink water, mix one part of Karo Light Syrup to 5 parts of water. Honey is also okay but the preparation of our local honey may not be sterile for baby. (source: Elise’s Pedia)
7. If your baby’s gag reflex is strong (like Elise’s), you need not swab her mouth often to avoid mouth sores. Just make sure she drinks enough water to clean the white coating on her tongue. (source: Aiza’s Pedia)
8. You need not warm baby’s milk before feeding, room temperature is enough (Philippine room temperature, that is). This will prove useful when you travel a lot. (source: Elise’s Pedia)
9. Sing to her often, it helps soothe baby when she’s throwing a fit. (source: Aiza’s Mom)

That’s all I can think of, for now. I’ll just make a new list or a different entry for the lists altogether.  😉


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