Mommy’s Wishlist for Elise

Here are things I would like to purchase for my Elise, that is if I have the moola. Now, I’m just not sure if these are actually needs or just wants. Besides, there are millions of children out there who grew up without these. But still…..

Bumbo Baby Seat
Price: $40
Pros: great for hot weathered Philippines to air baby’s back, better than high chair
Cons: useful only until 14-18 months, depending on baby’s size

Price: $45
Pros: hands free carry, promotes bonding
can only be used until 35 lbs., bad for back

Carseat (Britax)
Price: $275
Pros: can be used until 3 years of age, worry free (nausea free Aiza when looking at Elise) in car
Cons: expensive (hahaha)

Price: $100
Pros: promotes development of motor skills, visual and audio stimulation
uses 6 AAA batteries (battery hog)

Peapod Travel Bed
Price: $60
Pros: great for sleepovers
may be a bit warm for baby on hot weather

Oh well…I can easily substitute any of my body parts for some of these anyways.


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