Happiness Is…

…one prayer answered. Last wednesday, we went to see Elise’s doctor for her monthly checkup. Much to my surprise, she already weighs 5.2 kgs as compared to her 3.8 kgs last month. No wonder my lower back started aching lately because of her abrupt weight gain. The doctor also told us to forget that she was premature since Elise already caught up with the average weight and height of infants her age. We remember how small and fragile she was when I gave birth to her and now, no one would even know that she was like that then, just by looking at her.

…her bouncer, which is so much of a blessing to us. Thanks to my aunt Neneth, she was able to have it fixed and now, the sound part works. Whoopee!! We don’t have to carry her all the time when she’s on her bouncer. Elise can actually rock herself to sleep. We can even feed her on it too.

…seeing your little girl happy. Last saturday, Pau and I were able to witness her first laugh. She suddenly flashed an all out gum grin then chuckled loudly when her dad played with her. Playing is a morning ritual to us now, right before we get up. Her smiles fascinates a lot of people especially our relatives, Bungisngis is now her newest nickname, aside from calling her Eg, Egnog, Itlog, Burneneng, Burlilit, Polengpeng, Bulay, Gabie, Neenee and Orig.

Today, she graduates from sleeping in her bassinet. I’m going to start training her to sleep on her playpen. Little EG is actually asleep right now that’s why I’m able to post, teehee.

Much of my dilemma now is whether I should go back to the corporate world now that my little girl is doing well. I’m torn since I know that nobody else can take care of her as much as a mother can, bragging aside. Its really sad that both Pau and I are now dependent on our parents for financial support and its demeaning for someone my age who’s been independent from them for a loooong time. Its understandable for my husband since he is studying for us. I don’t know if its God’s will that I haven’t found a job after searching for 2 months and 2 weeks now. I’ve been to tons of interviews and none have called me back. I even got turned down when I applied for an entry level call center position. I’m like, “WTF is wrong”? Maybe it’s God’s way of saying that I still have to take care of Elise. My parents told me to keep on applying and probably when the time comes, my Dad up there in heaven will give me a job suitable for a parent like me.

Well, off to looking for work for me, online that is.


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