3 month old Elise

Our little EG turned 3 months yesterday. She’s now so cute and adorable, comparable to those kids I see in TV commercials. Maybe I’m just a bit biased since I am her mother, but in my opinion, she’s the cutest baby in the whole wide world. She’s not scary to hold anymore because she’s already pretty chubby. I used to carry her using just one arm, but now, I need two because she’s so heavy. People wouldn’t know that she was premature just by looking at her, actually she’s almost as big as the babies her age, sans an inch or two short.

Taking care of a baby has its ups and downs. There are times you’d like to cuddle and carry her as much as you can. But there are times when you’re just fed up that you’d just like to leave her in her crib and let her scream her lungs out and sleep from cry exhaustion. Being with a baby 24/7 will definitely wear you down. You cannot do it alone. I always thought that it was possible but in her 10th week, I started crying and feeling self-pity because of the difficulty I was experiencing.

I’m grateful that my mother in law and the help here at home helps me out. I love sleeping over at my inlaws because my sister in laws take turns carrying her and even my mother in law will wake up once or twice in the night and feed Elise herself. But still, sleeping over at my inlaws is really uncomfortable for me.

I’m excited that my brother is coming home from a months’ vacation from the US. My parents bought Elise a lot of stuff. But the most exciting “pasalubong” is her bouncer. Its like a swing but with plush and musical toy attachments.

Thank God my Gabie girl is not a crybaby. You’ll definitely know that there’s something wrong when she cries. There was this one time when I couldn’t figure out why she cries when I feed her. Yun pala, she’s got a sore na under her tongue because of her natal tooth. Unluckily, its a recurring sore until her tooth falls off. We just shifted her to a smaller nipple, an advise given by one of my doctor uncles.

She also is fascinated with her fists now because she puts it in her mouth whenever she can, even just after feeding. Naku matakaw talaga. She also smiles a lot now and makes little baby noises especially when you talk to her. Its like she understands you na. She also sleeps on her tummy. It helps her sleep longer hours since it lessens the chances of her waking up from her little jumpy movements. She also does little pushups when I put her down on her tummy too, kayang kaya na niya yung head niya. And when I have the money, I’ll buy her that little play gym.

Now its sunday and we’re on our way to church. I just thank God for all the blessings we’ve recieved, especially for the health and life of our little girl. I pray that she’ll grow up with the understanding of God’s goodness to her and bask in the knowledge that many people love her.


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