9 week old Elise

Today, Elise is 9 weeks and a day old. I’ve been up since 6 am. It’s already 7 in the morning and it feels like I haven’t slept a wink. But I’m happy that she’s sleeping longer hours, every 2.5-3 hours as compared to her hourly episodes when she first came home from the hospital more than a month ago. I feel more confident as a mom now but also worried that I’d look a lot older or “naloloshang” because of the nightly lack of sleep. Nevertheless, I’m excited to get up and face another challenging day of baby sitting.

We’ll probably start off today with a little bit of feeding before she gets her daily dose of sunshine, just to make sure she doesn’t cry while sunbathing. Thank God the typhoons stopped, much to the chagrin of my husband who eagerly waits for announcements of suspended classes when rains pour overnight.

First, I’d remove her shirt and lay her down her stroller, 10 mins face up and another ten lying on her stomach. I’m sure she’ll get all hot and sweaty but she likes it anyway.

Then I’ll perform the doctor ordered infant massage and her multivitamins before I give her a bath. The bathing part is easy, it just looks difficult and the thought of water and a helpless child is scary. Other than that, she loves taking a bath, especially on the part when she’s immersed in warm water. Giving her vitamins is the hard part. Most of the time, Elise will spit it out or worse, gag on the syrupy liquid which makes her cough badly.

After the bath, she’ll take her naps, waking up every after 2-3 hours or shorter depending on her mood. Sometimes she wakes up, also 2-3 hours at a time and I play with her, talk to her or leave her at her playpen where she stares at her new musical mobile. There are times when I take naps with her or I take the opportunity to work or do my personal stuff. It took a while before I realized that being a mom takes a lot of sacrifice and there are even days when I don’t have time for myself. There are also times when I realize, that I forgot to take my medicines (yes, my BP is still high, dang!) or even missed taking a bath (yuck!)

Basically, that’s what our day is like. I don’t mind being cooped up at home most of the time, I enjoy seeing my little girl get chubbier and heavier. I don’t mind if my grandma complains that I’m spoiling her by carrying her all the time, I’ll carry all 8.3 lbs of her until my arms are sore.

I’m also waiting for that day when my Gabie girl will be able to smile back at me when I talk to her. Until that time, I’ll just play with her her and smother her with a lot of love and care.


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