The Home Stretch

For 28 excruciating days now, we’ve struggled with Elise’s condition and went through an emotional, physical and spiritual roller-coaster ride. At long last, we’re on the home stretch. Her doctor said that we can finally take her home with us the day after she’s finished with her antibiotics. That glorious day is on Tuesday, June 27 – 31 days after she was born. She’s now 4 lbs and 4 oz heavy, with chubby cheeks and very big eyes. Elise already has a tooth growing. The nurses in the neonatal intensive care (NICU) said that it was already present at birth. She’s also starting to smile, something I was able to catch on video.

Pau and I thank our Dad up in heaven and my parents and Pau’s relatives for financially helping us out. Not to mention the hoardes of texts and emails from both kin and not, which continue to uplift and strengthen us with cheerful greetings of encouragement and support.We’ve fought the fight, but the battle is not over yet. It is actually just beginning. But we have no worries for our Father up in heaven is there to back us up and our little girl is a fighter, just like her parents. 🙂

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