Nabubugnot (Restlessness)

It’s not that I wanted Elise to come out already or that i’m getting impatient with my pregnancy. It’s just that being at home for bedrest for 2 weeks now is no walk in the park for me. Doctors orders. Man, what would I give to go window shopping at an airconditioned mall or even watch a movie for just a few hours. (Well, we’re still waiting for XMen 3, since the reviews for MI3 and Da Vinci Code is not so good)

What more, i’m running out of healthy, no salt, low fat, no cholesterol recipes. Nauumay na ako sa pesteng oatmeal, dammit! I don’t mind eating veggies all the time, its just that i’m running out of ideas of what to eat. Even salad dressings are high in sodium. Harrrumph!!

I’m also getting worried about Elise. My hypertensive medicine is not effective. First, I was to take it once a day, last week it was 2x a day, this week its 3x a day and after 2 days, its still its not lowering my BP at all. I hope she’s still okay inside me. And when i don’t feel her moving for hours at a time, i really, really, really tend to get very, very, very worried.

Please continue to pray for me and my baby. 😦 *sigh*


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