Struck a Chord

I’ve decided to listen to good and soothing music lately to calm my nerves and for the baby to listen too. I’m currently into pop jazz and God knows what i’ll be listening to next. Here’s a song that have struck a chord. Seems like pregnancy’s making me too sentimental, teehee. 😀

Kenny Rankin & Dan Siegal – Next To You

If I had me a bag of good wishes
There’s no mystery to what I would do
I would use all my magical powers
And try to get next to you

I would bring you a field of flowers
As your lucky star would do
With my heart I would paint you a rainbow
If I could get next to you

There’s so much we can share
However far too long
We both know that there’s so much here
This is where I belong

Late at night when I close my eyes
Make believin’ that you are here
Dreamin’ of the things we do
If I could get next to you

In my mind, Ooh ooh, I have kissed you
And it feels like a thousand times
I’d lose track of all the hours
Dreamin’ I’m next to you

…This is where I belong


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