Pregnancy Woes (original Multiply entry)

…and so I decided to write a few of my thoughts here. I feel that my multiply site looks empty with just photos in it while you can have a barrage of info stored here. I’ll just write mostly about my pregnancy woes, hoping that I can look back and remember what it felt like during these times.

So, here I am at my 26th week, 145 lbs. heavy and my waistline spanning almost 40 inches. In all honesty, I’m getting terribly insecure about my looks. My skin is getting dark, especially around my neck and underarms. I’m also starting to have a few, albeit long, ugly stretchmarks starting from the base of my tummy. And lastly, my nose is almost as wide as my face.

But at least I was blessed that I didn’t suffer from morning sickness in my early trimester. I had it easy, no cravings, no nausea, no dizzy spells. But the tradeoff is that I always felt tired and weak. Maybe its because my body was adjusting with the new life inside of me.

Then in my third month, I had a bout cough and colds and that scared the heck out of me. At least my OB told me that it was common with pregnant woment and that i should just take take plenty of rest and vitamin C.

Then other night, I had a bad episode of edema. My lower leg looked like that of an elephant and I couldn’t see where my ankles were anymore. My feet hurt because it felt like my skin was so thin and sensitive because it was stretched. I wanted to have it massaged by my husband but he was scared that he might do more harm instead. Another thing that worries me so is that my blood pressure gets really high especially when I wake up in the morning or when I’m tired from work. I get readings like 140/90 or 145/100 when my normal BP is usually around 120/80.

Now, I still feel fatigued most of the time. And it just frustrates me so, because I still have 14 weeks to go. My productivity at work is sacrificed and I often feel sleepy. I’m also dreading the time when I’ll be out of work (and out of income). I just hope my husband and I can cope with the little amount that we’re able to save.

Well i guess that’s all of the woes I can think of in one sitting. I’ll just write more when I remember anything. I try not to be a worry wart and think positively all the time. Please do pray for us and our baby.

Oh, did I mention that we’re going to have a girl?


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