Write Everyday, its Theraputic

The office server is down for almost 24 hours now and people in my department can’t work. Most of the office files are hosted on a network server and now that its inaccessible, it is greatly affecting everybody’s productivity.

So here I am, trying my best to keep my resolution of writing at least 100 words everyday. The problem is I’m dire lacking in sleep. Elise and I spent the night at grandma’s and she didn’t let me sleep much. The bed we were on was big enough for the two of us, but not when she moves a lot while sleeping. I was scared that she might fall off the bed or bump her head for the lack of pillows around. So everytime she stirs, which was like every 20 mins, I would check if she’s still beside me. Sigh. How I wish I could bring her playpen everywhere we go but the one we have for her is just too bulky and hardly fits in the car.

Okay, so its almost 11 am and still no server. Might as well take advantage of the situation and have me catch some more zzz’s. Tah-tah for now.


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