Baby Stuff

My parents sent me a couple of baby stuff a few weeks ago and its only now that I get to write and take pictures of it. Now my anak (or child in tagalog) has a pair of baby booties, feeding bottles and nipples, newborn gowns, side-tie shirts, bibs, cap and mittens and a lot of cutesy socks. But best one that they sent was a pair of newborn basketball sneakers that is oh-so adorable! I was planning to hang it on our car’s rearview mirror but my husband won’t let me, baka daw masira.

>> See the size of the itty bitty shoes as compared to my wristwatch. <<

Unfortunately, it’ll still take a few weeks before we will be able to distinguish the sex of the baby. Yes we can already have the ultrasound at 20 weeks but the margin for error is still big so we decided to have it at 24 weeks instead.

My mom thought that the baby is already a “he” since my dad nicknamed him/her Eliza Jr. So most of the stuff she sent were blue, hence also, the basketball sneakers.

Its okay, i love blue anyways. 😀


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