My Dad, the Grandpa-to-be

My dad’s so funny, he’s turning 60 this year and he’s going to be a grandparent for the first time. Here’s a part of our chat a few mins ago…

Daddy: okies anak ko, have to go back to bed
Aiza: okay daddy
Aiza: thank you po for the stuff you sent
Daddy: love you anak ko, take care and always pray for guidance and protection, good morning
Aiza: okay dad, good night from the philippines
Daddy: goodnight din kay eliza jr
Aiza: okay lolo yaaks
Aiza: lolo daw
Daddy: gusto ko grandpa
Aiza: grandpa?
Aiza: naks feeling americanized
Aiza: okay grandpa
Daddy: of chourse
Aiza: hehehe
Daddy: good night anak
Aiza: good night dad, love you HUUUUGGGG!!

…soooo, grandpa it is! 😀


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